Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Trip to Éire

I'm such a flippin cheapskate.
I don't have a camera

and while I usually go out and buy an £8 disposable and pay the £5 processing with no remorse for the sparse 11 photos that do come out, I was a bit tight fisted and wary this time. So, needing to show off that I have traveled (hehe) I decided to take the cheap DIY route and sketch my meagre ventures in an A5 sketchbook.

So I present you my wonderful trip to Ireland- 
the town, Kilkenny in particular. 

This was a trip to shake me out of my usual monotony, but mainly to visit my very dear buddy Jude (though I sometimes/oftentimes call her 'Mere' in the drawings). She's been living there the past half year, so she knows her stuff- Irish traditional music, where to get good chocolate biscuit cake, and that bartenders need to pour Guinness from tap in two parts (to my impatience).

Love that girl,
 I'll definitely be visiting again for all the fresh air and happy-spirited folk.

 Anyways, I'll stop blabbing and hope you get the gist! 


  1. Inspiring em, love your consistency in style, and how your work is immediate but totally clear and appealing. You're juggling while balancing on a tightrope but making it look fun and effortless.

    ALSO love the addition of the scan of the back of the book. Storyteller you. :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    What Dylan says! You're a graduate from Brighton aren't you? I'm on the Sequential Design and Illustration MA at Brighton at the moment, great course! Just a question: how did you choose your agent and how did you approach them? Or did they approach you? And did you send your picture book off to publishers yourself or did you do that through an agent? Looking forward to new drawings! Good luck!

    1. Emmi, I'm writing a blog on getting into book illustration for Creative Bloq at the mo, so keep an eye on there. Will send Emily a link when it's done, if that's helpful for you? Margaux

  3. Who needs a camera, drawing like this!? ♥

  4. Hey Emily, absolutely love this! You did so many drawings in one week - how long do they take you? x

  5. wow, these are so awesome. wish you would make a zine and sell them to people who admire your work like me!